Wakey wakey: All the news in 30 seconds

Is a £100 iPhone on the cards? One rumour says so...

Wednesday morning brings us a heavier-than-expected sprinkling of iPhone news, including the unsubstantiated claim that AT&T in the US will be offering Apple's lust bauble for just $199 (£100) when the magical 3G version arrives in the summer.

Then there's the glorious news - if you're Canadian - that residents of the frozen north will finally be able to get an iPhone sometime "later this year".

Finally, the aforementioned AT&T is offering its deaf customers a $40 (£20) package that gives them unlimited web browsing, texts and emails. A company exec says, ""Our Text Accessibility Plan allows customers who are deaf or have hearing or speech disabilities to literally tap out their communications on the go."


Next, in the 'who'dathunk it' category, we have photographic evidence - courtesy of a probably dazed Gizmodo reader - that Psystar's Mac clones are real. Whatever next - a firm shipping Windows Vista on Apple hardware?

Moving on to all things Microsoft, the company's latest trick is the Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor, or COFEE, a USB drive that helps police nab all sorts of incriminating stuff from seized PCs. Mac users can still rest easy.

Lastly for this morning, anyone set on adding an HD DVD drive to their Xbox 360 was briefly able to pick one up from US store OverStock Dealz for just $30 (£15) last night. Alas, the dirt-cheap swansong has just gone out of stock.

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