The top 14 buzzwords of IFA 2009

8. Soundbar

Because the speakers on your average HD TV are generally weedy, Soundbars offer a complete surround sound system in an single, elongated super-speaker.

Philips has shown off its HTS8160 Soundbar with Ambisound at IFA, while Samsung has unveiled the HT-BD8200 Soundbar with a Blu-ray player built-in. LG also has its own all-in-one Blu-ray Soundbar, the HLB54S.


Before IFA kicked off, we'd anticipated that the show floor would be buzzing about OLED. But despite the appearance of LG's 15-inch OLED TV, LED is proving far more popular with manufacturers.

Samsung is increasing its celebrated LED TV range from 32 inches up to 52 inches by the end of the year. Toshiba has announced the new Regza SV series, while LG's 'borderless' models (below) and the Philips Aurea all boast LED technology.

LG borderless tv

10. Toshiba

Toshiba finally threw in the HD DVD towel by cuddling up to the BDA and unveiling its first Blu-ray player (the BDX2000).

Toshiba s first blu ray player the bdx2000

11. Evolutionise

The word excitedly uttered by Avatar producer Jon Landau at the Panasonic press conference. "Avatar will evolutionise, not revolutionise," he said. "3D is not just about action movies. It is more engaging than that."

That's all very well, but is he describing the Avatar that we saw? The one with the giant blue pixies, Fern Gully plot and videogame action sequences? Evolutionise? Really?

12. All-day battery life

We could really get excited about laptop batteries that last all day. But it's easy to be sceptical when the reality is usually half as long.

Nevertheless, Samsung is claiming nine hours of juice for its thin-and-light X-Series laptops (below), while Sony's size-zero Vaio X can apparently run all day and well into the night.

X Series

13. Live Borderless

If you want make your HD TV stand out from the crowd it needs a gimmick. A fancy lightframe perhaps or a glassy surround; a striking colour scheme or a revolutionary aspect ratio.

LG's approach can be see in its new borderless TVs, which have a special sheet of laminate film over the front surface of the TV, eliminating the line between the screen and the bezel. Nice.

14. Miss IFA

What better way to publicise a tech show than by draping a red-wigged beauty across a range of electronics equipment. She certainly livens up a washing machine or a coffee maker...

Miss ifa