New UK file sharing and collaboration solution launches

New UK file sharing and collaboration solution launches
On Direct's new file sharing and collaboration tool

UK cloud business On Direct is the latest vendor to enter the cloud-based file storage market. The new Cloud Direct : ABC – the ABC stands for Access, Backup and Collaboration – allows businesses to securely access and share files on any device including smart phones, tablets, PC's and laptops.

The UK-based Cloud Direct service is designed to have all of the ease of use and ubiquity of consumer file-sharing solutions like Dropbox, but adds more sophisticated business-levels of security.

With Cloud Direct files are organised into projects, and users can assign controls to the files on specific Projects, and can change permission levels for teams working on the projects.

Teams can be made of anyone, from internal team members and external users, and each user can be easily assigned to projects. They can have access rights granted or restricted and you can see changes by person, project or action and see all the versions of a file.

The built-in File Versioning allows users to instantly recover files and restore them to their original location, either one at a time, or an entire folder. If you can't remember a file name then the systems allows you to search the contents of files - even on mobile devices.

Make comments and suggestions

The Cloud Direct platform contains a simple Dashboard tool that gives an integrated overview of all recent Project activities, and allows users to automatically and chronologically see comments and changes team members make to documents. Additionally when a comment or change has been posted, everyone on the team will be notified via email or SMS so they can respond immediately.

One of the key features of Cloud Direct is the ability to work while offline. Once installed, a blue folder is created on a users desktop called 'Cloud Direct Projects' with offline copies of all projects. You can then work offline, and when you go online again your files will automatically be synchronised and all team member are notified when the project has been updated. Additionally Favourited files are available on mobile devices even when there is no connection available.