What is the Honor 10 GPU Turbo?

If you want a flagship-tier smartphone without the enormous price tag, you might have thought about getting the Honor 10. Starting at £399, you can get a 5.84-inch Full HD display, a octa-core chipset, 4/6 GB of RAM, 64/128GB of storage, a 16MP dual camera, a 24MP selfie camera, a fingerprint scanner, and a 3,400mAh battery with fast-charging.

The Honor 10 will also be getting a feature called GPU Turbo as part of a future software update, and you should be very excited about what that means for mobile gaming.

Good graphics don’t automatically make a game good, but nobody’s going to turn down enhanced visuals if they’re available. That’s a problem with phones, because they can’t compete with powerful gaming systems. Luckily GPU Turbo can help.

GPU Turbo is a software-based hardware acceleration, which can increasingly improve the gaming performance on your phone. Think of it as a supercharger for your phone, improving performance, enhancing framerate, and helping to conserve your battery in the process. The best is that it’s software-based, so you don’t have to upgrade any of your existing hardware.

On the Honor 10 GPU Turbo can increase GPU efficiency by 60%, while reducing the amount of power the phone needs by 30 per cent. According to Huawei this can give you as much as an extra 30 minutes of gaming time on a single charge.

On top of that it can increase the average framerate to the maximum level, meaning you get a smoother and more enjoyable experience. GPU Turbo doesn’t come with any caveats, either, since it also works to reduce the jitter rate and stop your device from heating up.

All to give you a smoother and more comfortable gaming experience, without compromise. And Huawei is serious about that, since GPU Turbo is capable of boosting your games visuals with improved resolution and the crisp vivid colours of HDR+. Even if the game doesn’t support HDR, Huawei has promised GPU Turbo can offer a close approximation.

Right now Huawei believes GPU Turbo will help its phones outperform other phones that have better raw graphical power, but it’s not going to leave it at that. In future it predicts that GPU Turbo will also be able to enhance virtual and augmented reality experiences.

The best news is that anyone with an Honor 10 will get GPU Turbo absolutely free, as part of an update expected to rollout in August if this year. You don’t need to go out and buy an expensive and dedicated gaming phone, because Honor 10 and GPU Turbo can give you everything you need to play the newest, best, and most resource-heavy games Android has to offer.

Whether it’s Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or Mobile Legend you will get the best mobile gaming experience possible, all thanks to the power of GPU Boost. It won’t be long before you forget how you ever managed to play on a phone without it.

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