Chromebooks can now be deployed with Webex

Webex by Cisco banner on a Chromebook
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Picking a video conferencing platform may have become a lot simpler after Google and Cisco announced Webex is getting a whole new look for some users.

Revealed just before Google IO 2022, the news sees Cisco unveil a new Webex Progressive Web Application (PWA) on Chromebooks to give users a desktop-like experience.

Being built in collaboration with Google, Cisco has created the Webex Meetings PWA specifically for all Chrome OS devices in order to provide users with an “amazing video conferencing experience.”

Cisco looked to emphasize a number of features for the new Webex PWA, including “background noise removal and real-time translation” alongside its quality video streaming, recording, and content sharing capabilities.

With the new Webex Meetings PWA being presented as a desktop application, that can launch directly from Chrome OS, Cisco states that the new application will let users work more efficiently, as they won’t have to worry about yet another tab cluttering up their browser while they’re trying to work from online research and live documents.

Additionally, Webex on Chromebook can also now come pre-installed to make IT administrator's jobs easier. This will make sure that users have easy access to an optimized video conferencing app from the moment they get their device, saving IT administrator's from the rigmarole of setting one up moments before needing to jump into a meeting.

Analysis: A great match made?

While Google is obviously keen to build upon its relationship and strategic partnership with the IT and networking giant Cisco, its endorsement of Webex Meetings is a somewhat baffling move since Google already has its own video conferencing software, Google Meet

Boasting a similar Progressive Web App to Webex Meetings, Google Meet’s functionality and features would make a worthy alternative to Cisco’s video conferencing solution, so we can’t imagine that Google is truthfully all too happy about this product of its strategic partnership, as surely it would much rather be promoting its own software to Chrome OS users. 

Thankfully, while Google is providing the utility to IT administrators, Cisco’s Webex Meetings won’t come natively preinstalled on every new Chromebook, so your device won’t be bogged down by excess bloatware if you prefer one of the many other video conferencing solutions on the market. 

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