Verbatim and Secure Data Recovery announce a new partnership

Data recovery
Verbatim sells a range of data storage devices, including budget USB sticks to AES-256 secured hard drives. (Image credit: Verbatim)

Secure Data Recovery and Verbatim, two major tech companies focused on data recovery and data storage respectively, have formed a new partnership.

First incorporated in 1969, Verbatim is a well-known brand with an established track record in the data storage sector. The company has designed and developed numerous ground-breaking data storage devices and currently produces everything, from memory cards to portable hard drives.

Verbatim hopes its partnership with Secure Data Recovery will enable its customers to take advantage of Secure Data Recovery’s advertised 96% success rate and “no data, no fee” offer. The partnership appears to be an obvious move for both parties given that Secure Data Recovery’s team of technicians is already capable of recovering information from all of Verbatim’s storage media formats.

Prominent data hardware company seeks to take advantage of new recovery expertise

Contrasting with Verbatim’s 50 years of experience, Secure Data Recovery—which also operates as SECUREDATA—has only been incorporated since 2007. However, despite Secure Data Recovery’s comparatively short history, the company has expanded from its original Los Angeles headquarters to serve customers around the world through 250 partner locations. Secure Data Recovery now has a major presence in both North and South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

That rapid growth can be put down to the company's extensive data restoration capabilities. Operating from class 10 ISO 4 cleanrooms, the company’s engineers are able to work with any operating system and can recover information from encrypted drives or portable storage devices.

While Verbatim hopes that the new partnership will enable its customers to easily recover files from corrupted or physically damaged Verbatim data storage devices, Secure Data Recovery also has plenty to gain from the venture in terms of outreach and market share. 

Mitchell Moore, Director of Sales at Secure Data Recovery, believes that “the partnership will bring success for both companies as well as the consumers”.

This is by no means Verbatim’s first partnership. The company has also teamed up with Fortium to bring digital content protection to its line of DataLifePlus discs through DVD anti-rip software.