Valheim update is great news for those wanting to play on Steam Deck

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Valheim has just received a fresh update (pushed out via the public test branch) which tweaks the game to run better on the Steam Deck, and introduces a host of new content, fixes, plus full gamepad support.

Valve’s handheld PC is due out imminently, and the update prepares Valheim by optimizing default settings for the Steam Deck, and also displaying the controller layout when playing on the Deck.

Full controller support has been implemented for PC, including context menus showing controller buttons, and the gamepad legend being displayed in the settings and pause menu. That’s another change here – the ability to pause when in single-player.

On top of that, expect the usual quality of life improvements and bug fixes, and a bunch of new content which includes a fresh dungeon, the Frost Caves, with new enemies, crafting materials, and more besides.

Check out the full details of patch 0.207.15 by reading the release notes here.

Analysis: Shaping up nicely for the Steam Deck launch

It’s good to see a major update for Valheim, although of course it’s still in testing here, so expect some wonkiness, and many folks are going to be waiting for the full release before diving in. (We don’t know when that will happen, by the way).

Early feedback on the Frost Caves dungeon seems pretty positive, with comments on the caves looking good, and the enemies therein offering a different kind of challenge. And clearly, the Steam Deck changes are most welcome for those hoping to enjoy Valheim on the portable PC when it arrives later in February.

What’s also interesting is some of the comments online praising the quality of the experience of playing the game with a controller, which again bodes well for those hoping to pick up and run with Valheim on the Deck (and PC players who want to use a gamepad in general).

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