Toshiba rebrands US and EU business

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Toshiba is rebranding its US and EU mobile and IoT business to Dynabook Americas and Dynabook Europe respectively.

The name change ensures that its US and EU offerings will have synergy with their parent company Dynabook Inc. which was formerly Toshiba Client Solutions Co.

While the new name will have no impact on the day-to-day business of Dynabook Americas and Europe, it is a unifying measure to align its PC business on a global level. Additionally affiliated companies in Europe, Singapore, Canada and Australia will also incorporate “Dynabook” into their naming conventions to complete the organization's global naming strategy.

Senior vice president at Dynabook Americas, Takayuki Tono explained the significance of the Dynabook name, saying:

“Although our name is changing, we are still the company that in 1985 introduced the world’s first laptop and pioneered the adoption of more than 30 World’s First Technologies, including design, battery, display and wireless breakthroughs, which have shaped the modern laptop. We will continue to reinvent mobility, expand our IoT and AR Smart Glasses portfolios and deliver world-class support to help improve our customers’ ability to work smarter and accomplish more.” 

Dynabook branding

While relatively unknown in the US and Europe, in Japan, the Dynabook brand is well established and represents over 30 years of innovations and award-winning products.

Some of the technologies introduced to the world by the company include the TFT Color Display, integrated optical drive, wireless docking, the Quad Core HD Processor and a 4K display in a laptop.

To help maximize the power of the brand, Dynabook Americas and Europe plan to continue using the popular sub-brands of Portégé, Tecra and DynaEdge for its award-winning mobile computers and emerging solutions business.

Dynabook plans to grow its product and solutions portfolio as well as roll-out new products featuring its new branding in the second quarter of this year.

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