This motorized gaming bed is a step too far, even for us

A man in his gaming bed
(Image credit: Bauhütte)

Furniture brand Bauhütte has revealed a new motorized gaming bed that might just be the most excessive gaming peripheral to ever be manufactured.

The BGB-100FA electric bed is a motorized frame that lets you switch the position of its back, leg-rest, and foot-rest using an inbuilt remote control. Spotted by Gizmodo, it’s not too different from the standard motorized beds used in hospitals or by the elderly – albeit with noticeably worse back support. 

But it’s designed to pair with other Bauhütte products, letting you create an entire ecosystem of gaming furniture around the place you lay your head at night. And day, if Bauhütte gets its way. No need to get up to eat, drink, or play video games. You can do it all from the comfort of your BGB-100FA.

Slide the bed under the BHD-1200BD Bed Desk, specifically designed to pair with a mattress and bed frame, and you’ll be able to spring out of sleep directly into an online deathmatch. When you’re done, just pop out that remote control, lower the bed into a sleeping position, and drift off among the comforting memories of your killstreaks.

There’s a bunch of other accessories to add to your gaming setup, too. Slide the BHT-830 clothing rack alongside your bed, and you won’t even need to get up to get dressed. Place the BHS-430 Energy Wagon, which comes with space for an entire carton of soda cans, by your pillow so you can grab those essential Mountain Dews. Don’t forget the BHW-799 Device Wall, unless you want to get out of bed each time you need to put on a pair of headphones – like an absolute chump.

Bauhütte calls it “a dream layout that can integrate all the basic life of a gamer, centred on an electric gaming bed.”

A man in his gaming bed

(Image credit: Bauhütte)

If you do like the look of the bed frame, you’ll have to pay extra for the BMT-100S gaming mattress to put on top of it. The bed alone will cost you $480 – around £368 / AU$ 650 – or comes bundled with the gaming mattress for $670 – around £515 / AU$ 900.

As bed frames and mattresses go, that’s not radically expensive. But we’re not sure it’ll provide the ergonomic support you need. The mattress looks pretty thin and flimsy, the bed itself is topped in a wire mesh instead of slats, and the backrest can only angle up to a maximum of 60 degrees – not great given the lack of lumbar support.

If you’re pressed for space, getting a bed that pairs with a desk isn't such a bad idea. If you struggle with mobility, the motorized back is also useful. But you don’t need to buy a self-styled gaming bed to get those features. It's probably worth shopping around before getting swept up in the gamer aesthetic.

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