The Xbox Series S toaster may be too good to be true

Xbox Series S
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Fans of the Xbox Series S may be getting a great addition to their kitchen set-up thanks to the rumored Xbox Series S toaster. 

The Xbox Series S toaster was first brought to our attention by Twitter user Gyo Jvfr, who tweeted pre-order images with pricing, dimensions, and specs. 

Despite Xbox not officially announcing this next-gen appliance, the Xbox Series S toaster is allegedly a fully-licensed product, available for pre-order in France and Belgium, for rumored price of $63.66/ £53/ AUS$94.61/ €60. This rather odd addition comes with two slots for toast,1-6 browning settings, and an anti-jam function. 

Unfortunately, this console-shaped toaster seems too good to be true, especially with April 1st getting closer and closer. However, there is still one reason to hold out hope that this Xbox Series S toaster is the real deal, not just some twisted prank. 

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A chilling peripheral

In late 2021, after Xbox beat out Skittles in an intense Best of Tweets poll on Twitter, the VP of Xbox Games Marketing, Aron Greenberg, tweeted out that, as promised, Xbox would turn the viral meme of an Xbox Series X mini fridge into a reality.

I have a bad feeling that this little monstrosity is more for show than substance

Mimicking the looks of the next-gen console from top to bottom, this hot commodity was available to purchase for $99.99 / £89.99 / AUS$148.49. Despite starting as a joke, the Xbox Series X mini fridge has become a beloved peripheral, perfect for those not wanting to travel too far from their gaming setup. 

Despite all of this seeming too strange to be true, there is a long history of food-related gaming accessories. Whether you think of the classic Nintoaster or the more comical KFC console that lets players cook chicken while gaming, it seems like this is a lucrative market. 

However, as the Xbox Series S toaster is, as of yet, unconfirmed, I have a bad feeling that this little monstrosity is more for show than substance. But, who knows, if the internet proves to Microsoft that they are ready for this kind of responsibility, we may get a gaming toaster sometime in the not-too-distant future. 

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