The next Windows 10 update will get rid of this divisive tab minimizing feature

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As part of an upcoming Windows 10 update, Microsoft will retire a divisive tab minimizing feature that first landed with Windows 7.

As indicated by the latest preview build, the company will soon disable ‘Shake to Minimize’ functionality in Windows 10, which allows users to minimize all windows except one by selecting the desired tab and moving the mouse quickly back and forth.

While some users may mourn the loss of the feature, which is handy for clearing out a mess of windows, others find it is triggered too easily by natural mouse movements and will be glad to see the back of it.

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The Shake to Minimize feature in Windows 10 - also known as Aero Shake - is not particularly well publicised by Microsoft, even though it has existed in the company’s operating systems since Windows 7.

Many users, then, were likely unaware of its existence and probably relied heavily on the Win + M keyboard shortcut or the minimize all option in the Windows 10 taskbar to perform a similar function.

There is currently no other Windows 10 feature, however, that allows the user to minimize all windows with the exception of one.

Although Microsoft might yet decide to give the feature a stay of execution, the change is currently set to take effect with the next Windows 10 feature update, which is expected to land some time in spring next year.

In the meantime, users that want to disable the feature manually can do so via the Group Policy Editor or Windows Registry (although, as always, the registry should only be edited by advanced users).

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