The most popular business apps of 2022 show work might start being fun again

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The world of work might be about to get a bit more enjoyable and expansive, if new data from Okta on the most popular business apps is to be believed.

The SSO and identity management giant has lifted the wraps off the most popular business apps and services of the past year in its Businesses at Work 2023 report.

The anonymous data - based on more than 17,000 global customers using over 7,000 integrations - found that travel is an increasing priority for business spend following a reduction during the pandemic, as well as highlighting the diversity of the apps that businesses use, stating that “there’s no one app to rule them all”.

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D. Athow, Managing Editor

Among the most significant findings was the 78% year-on-year customer growth for travel apps, to the point that TravelPerk was named the fasted growing app with a 255% increase in customers, offering an all-in-one booking, managing, and invoicing platform for business travel needs.

Device management and security platform Kandji and AI-powered writing tool Grammarly have also experienced significant growth in terms of the number of customers. 

One of the more striking pieces of evidence uncovered by the Okta research was large companies with more than 2,000 employees tend to have an average of 211 apps in their catalogs. In an era where companies are more focused on reducing expenditure than ever, it’s clear that online subscriptions could be simplified.

This could be a tough challenge for many, though, with the combination of hybrid working and digital advancements requiring them to invest heavily in a variety of segments including security, collaboration, and networking.

However, one area that companies are clearly unwilling to cut back on is cloud usage. Multicloud has become more commonplace in the workplace, with one Oracle survey indicating that 98% of businesses either use or plan to use more than one vendor. The pairing of AWS and Google Cloud remains most popular. 

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