Nvidia 3DTV Play links up a PC to a 3D TV

3D Vision - ready for 3D TVs in the spring
3D Vision - ready for 3D TVs in the spring

Nvidia is doing the rounds with Panasonic in the US at the moment, showing off its barrage of 3D-enabled kit.

On its travels it's introduced some software which will upgrade a GeForce GPU-enabled PC or notebook to play 3D content through a 3D TV.

Called simply 3DTV Play, the software package enables PCs which have a HDMI or DVI connection the ability to pipe Full HD 3D content to 3D Ready TV, bringing Nvidia's 3D content to the big screen.

This content includes the range of 3D games on the market – including Batman: Arkham Asylum and Avatar: The Game – and it will also be compatible with the upcoming launch of Blu-ray 3D titles.

Awesome technology

"Nvidia is a premier choice for gamers, and 3D Vision TV delivers an easy way for them to game on the big screen, for the ultimate, immersive experience," said Bob Perry, Senior Vice President, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company, who is partnering Nvidia on the 3D tour.

"We're pleased that NVIDIA shares our commitment to providing awesome technology to savvy consumers, and we are happy to offer NVIDIA the opportunity to highlight their 3D solution as part of our nationwide road show."

The price for the software is $39.99 (about £26) and it will be launched in the spring. This price drops right down to nothing if you already have Nvidia 3D Vision, however, as the company is offering an upgrade for free.

As for a UK release date, we have been assured that it will be coming to Europe at some point but there is nothing official at the moment.


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