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Stanley Convergent Security Solutions evaluation

Stanley Convergent Security Solutions evaluation
(Image credit: Stanley Convergent Security Solutions)

The best access control systems are designed to help businesses secure their premises, preventing unwanted access and controlling which employees can go where. There are numerous different systems on the market, and providers across the USA and the rest of the world offer reliable custom solutions.

In our Stanley Convergent Security Solutions evaluation, we take a close look at the leading access control system solution provider. We examine every aspect of this company to help you decide whether you should use its services.

Stanley Convergent Security Solutions: Plans and pricing

Stanley Security doesn’t have any solid information about its prices or price structure on its website. However, this is primarily because it provides custom access control solutions that are personalized according to your needs. 

As you can imagine, different businesses will have significantly different access control requirements, so prices can vary hugely. 

Reports suggest that the cost for a single-door access control system can range from $1,500 to $2,500 with both keypad and access-card technology. Prices will obviously increase for larger systems, and you can expect to pay extra for cards, access fobs, and other hardware additions. Ongoing access control monitoring is also available at an additional cost.

Stanley Convergent Security Solutions evaluation

Contact the sales team for an access control system price estimate (Image credit: Stanley Convergent Security Solutions)

Stanley Convergent Security Solutions: How it works

To get started with Stanley Convergent Security Solutions, you will need to reach out to the sales team and discuss exactly what your requirements are. If you decide to go ahead with the company, you will go through a robust onboarding process, enabling you to fine-tune your system requirements and ensure that your security is up to scratch. 

On top of this, the company operates worldwide. You will be able to get local technical and setup support, ensuring that your access control system is installed and configured correctly. 

It’s also worth noting that Stanley Convergent Security Systems offers a selection of security products. Its access control systems can be used alone or as part of a larger package.

Stanley Convergent Security Solutions evaluation

Access control systems can be used alone or as part of a larger security package (Image credit: Stanley Convergent Security Solutions)

Stanley Convergent Security Solutions: Features & services

As a global leader in the access control system space, Stanley Convergent Security Solutions naturally offers a range of specialized services. These are targeted at different industries and companies requiring different levels of security, and the available solutions are versatile and customizable. 

The company’s cloud-based access control systems stand out as excellent. They offer versatile solutions that can be managed from anywhere, enabling you to ensure that your system stays online and functional at all times. 

On top of this, it’s extremely easy to scale cloud-based systems, and they are highly redundant due to the nature of the cloud. Access control systems in multiple locations can be controlled through one central hub, and it’s simple to add and remove users where required. 

Stanley offers a suite of biometrics and facial recognition systems to help you maximize the security of your premises. With these, only people with the proper permissions will be able to access restricted areas. 

There are also tools to help you maintain a healthy workforce. If required, your access control system can include temperature checking, mask detection, and much more. 

With the correct system, you can issue temporary access to visitors with the click of a button. Don’t worry about people wandering into areas that you don’t want them to—you will be able to control exactly where they can and can’t access. 

Finally, Stanley Security’s access control systems enable you to issue mobile access credentials at the click of a button. This means that employees won’t have to worry about physical credentials or separate keycards, as they will be able to access restricted areas via their mobile device. 

Stanley Convergent Security Solutions evaluation

The cloud-based systems stand out as excellent (Image credit: Stanley Convergent Security Solutions)

Stanley Convergent Security Solutions: Support and customer care

All prospective customers can get in touch with Stanley Convergent Security Solutions via the online contact form. Simply complete the form, and wait for a company representative to reach out to you. 

Existing customers can also reach out to the support team via an online form. There’s a US phone number available for those who would rather speak directly with a customer service team member. 

Also, there are numerous self-help and educational resources available through the company’s knowledge base. These include full whitepapers outlining the features and functionality of various systems, along with a selection of video tutorials and guides.

The competition

Stanley Convergent Security Solutions is a well-known name in the access control industry, but it’s certainly not the only option that you should consider. 

One of our favorite alternatives is Honeywell, which offers a suite of access control system options for businesses of all sizes. It mainly targets critical infrastructure facilities, and its systems are highly scalable. 

Another great option is Envoy, which focuses on office access control. It has also placed an emphasis on health, which makes it an excellent option for businesses operating in COVID-19 hotspots.

Customer experience

As one would expect, customers in different parts of the world report different experiences with Stanley Convergent Security Solutions. 

For example, Yelp reviews covering the US arm of the company almost always give it a one-star rating. Common complaints are centered around poor customer service, poor installation, and expensive hidden fees. 


Trustpilot reviews covering the British branch of the company tell a different story. Here, the company receives a rating of 3.6/5, which isn’t excellent, but it’s certainly not terrible. British customers generally report prompt installation, great service, and a friendly team. 


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