Start10 sheds Windows 10 Live Tiles for a retro look

Start10 sheds LiveTiles for a retro-inspired Windows 7 look

After listening to complaints from Windows 8 adopters, Microsoft is bringing back the coveted Start menu to Windows 10. Currently available as a Technical Preview, Windows 10's new Start menu merges the Live Tiles of Windows 8 along with the more classic look of Windows 7. However, if you find the new Start screen a little cluttered, Stardock's new Start10 will take you back to the simpler times of Windows 7.

Available now as a beta, Start10 hides the Live Tiles from Microsoft's native Windows 10 Start menu. Start10 also incorporates a system-wide search feature that Microsoft is implementing on Windows 10 through Cortana's search feature.

The comprehensive search feature allows users to quickly find apps, settings and files in the search field inside the Start10 menu.

You can also skin the appearance of the start button to give you further desktop customization.


Stardock made a name for itself when Windows 8 debuted. After users bemoaned the absence of the familiar Start menu, Stardock introduced Start8 as a way to bring back the Windows 7-styled Start menu.

The company subsequently released a number of Windows tweaks for Microsoft's touch-centric OS, including the ability to run Modern UI apps inside resizeable windows through ModernMix.

With Windows 10, ModernMix and Start8 may seem redundant as the basic functionality from Stardock's tweaks are native inside the OS. Start10 is a nice way for Stardock to differentiate its software tweaks from what Microsoft is supporting to give users more choice.


Stardock is offering Start10 to its Object Desktop users currently. Object Desktop is currently available for $49.99 or for $9.99 with a subscription cost of $3.00 per month thereafter.