DocuSign outs Security Appliance to bolster document protection

Keeping data under lock and key

DocuSign has announced the availability its new Security Appliance, which provides its customers with encryption key management and auditing of DocuSign documents through its Digital Transaction management (DTM) platform.

Operating behind a business's firewall with 27001 security certification, the company says that it allows customers to realise the benefits of cloud-based DTM while meeting specialised security requirements .

As such, DocuSign is directing the appliance at businesses operating in security-conscious industries - such as healthcare, insurance and financial services.

With the new appliance, access to documents stored within DocuSign's data centres without an assigned encryption key will be impossible, according to the company.


The key to security

Key industry input

Not even DocuSign itself will be able to access files stored on its systems, something the firm is keen to illustrate in a market where trust is at an all-time low.

According to DocuSign, focus groups, surveys and customers have been crying out for more control over their own encryption key security. The new DocuSign Security Appliance was developed with those features in mind, it says, and had input from key firms in the high-security industry.

Scott Coleman, senior vice president of technology innovation, Bank of America, said: "[DocuSign] provides tremendous flexibility to realise the benefits of DTM while maintaining compliance within the Bank's existing customer agreements, security policies, and regulations that a pure SaaS solution couldn't have offered."