Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff kisses up to Dell and Microsoft on Twitter

Friends forever
Friends forever

If you're super excited about Windows 10, you're not the only one. CEO Marc Benioff just bought himself a Dell XPS 13 running on Windows 10. Either that or he's just trying to use flattery to pit two potential Salesforce buyers against each other.

Benioff tweeted the news of his purchase to his 176,000 followers. He even mentioned Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Dell CEO Michael Dell in the tweet. Although Nadella has yet to chime in, Michael Dell certainly seemed pleased with Benioff's purchase.

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This could be huge...

It would be unlike a journalist not to read too deeply into the tweet, which conjures memories of a rumor circulating that Microsoft was looking into acquiring CRM giant Salesforce. Although the alleged talks never materialized, it was fun to speculate about what a marriage between Microsoft and Salesforce would look like.

There was even a time back in 2008 when journalists thought Dell and Salesforce might join forces.

Might those fires be rekindling? Could this have been an attempt by Benioff to pit two suitors against one another? Was he trying to let the world know something big could be happening between the three tech monsters?

Probably not

We certainly couldn't fault Benioff for his choice of hardware and software.

As we reported yesterday, Windows 10 is a stellar operating system that is far superior to its predecessor. It's so popular that 8% of all internet traffic was dedicated to Windows 10 downloads at one point yesterday.

And the Dell XPS 13 is the best laptop to come out this year. We awarded the Ultrabook a five-star rating thanks to its astonishingly thin and light design, which fits a 13.3-inch screen into a 11-inch laptop frame.