Microsoft reveals price of Windows 8.1 for those who aren't upgrading from W8

Windows 8.1
Here's how much Windows 8.1 will cost you

Microsoft revealed pricing for Windows 8.1 today with figures that should look familiar to purchasers of its predecessor, Windows 8.

Windows 8.1 will be available as a free download to current W8 users starting Oct. 17, but for those still running an older version of Windows, Microsoft will charge you $119.99 for Windows 8.1 and $199.99 for Windows 8.1 Pro.

Microsoft noted in a blog post pricing varies by market, but straight conversions bring us to about £75/AU$125 and £128/AU$213.

The U.S. pricing is exactly what Microsoft currently charges for Windows 8, so choosing between an out-of-date yet cheaper OS or a current yet more expensive version won't be a conundrum customers are forced to face.

Making the Windows 8.1 switch

If this update launch seems to fall instep with that of Windows 8, Microsoft noted that unlike the older OS, Windows 8.1 will ship as a "full version software," meaning it won't require a previous version of Windows for install.

The Windows 8 on the market now is an "upgrade version."

According to Microsoft, the shift in how it's releasing Windows 8.1 should allow for "more flexibility for customers in specific technical scenarios" while also serving as a response to customer feedback, something it seems to be taking seriously lately.

Users who jump from Windows 7 to W8.1 will be able to pack their files, but they'll need to reinstall their desktop apps, including Office, Microsoft explained. Uses running Windows XP or Vista are urged to boot from the DVD instead of downloading Windows 8.1.

Files, settings and programs won't transfer during an XP/Vista to W8.1 switch, Microsoft pointed out.

Lastly, Microsoft advised that users who buy a device running Windows 8.1 will be able to pick up a Pro Pack for $99.99 (about £62, AU$106). Users of Windows 8.1 Pro will be able to buy the Windows Media Center for $9.99 (about £6, AU$10).

Look for Windows 8.1 to land everywhere on Oct. 18 at or in retail stores.

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