Tableau launches v8.2, includes functionality on Mac OS

Tableau Mac OS analytics
Tableau Story Points on Mac

Tableau Software has launched version 8.2 of its analytics tool. New features include availability on the Mac operating system and an updated data interface.

Mac users will gain access to Tableau's software, which is designed to help organizations better process, analyze and take action on data. The Mac version will feature all of the analytics capabilities of the traditional Desktop version of Tableau, including live data streams and in memory computing.

More than 19,000 organizations use Tableau, the company said in a statement.

New features

Another new Tableau feature is Story Points, which the company said is designed to help businesses create and share visually-driven narratives based on data analytics. Story Points allows users to combine worksheets and dashboards into visual depictions, such as graphics and charts. Users can then publish the depictions to Tableau Server, Tableau Online and Tableau Public for additional engagement throughout the organization.

Other updates include a redesigned data connection experience that features a simpler and more visual viewing experience, redesigned maps, and a simplified server experience and additional support for server deployments., the Univ. of Washington Information Technology, and Audience Audit have been running on the beta version of Tableau 8.2 since April. Other Tableau clients include Deloitte, Tesla Motors, Cornell University and Barclays.