Microsoft finally brings extensions to Edge browser on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge

After what seems like an interminable wait, Microsoft has finally brought extensions to its Edge browser in Windows 10 – or at least the preview version of the OS.

The latest Redstone build, version 14291, has now been pushed out to testers on the Fast Ring, although in this build the revamped browser doesn't have full support for extensions just yet. In fact, there are only three extensions available to try out at this point.

They are: Reddit Enhancement Suite (a collection of enhancements for browsing Reddit more effectively), Mouse Gestures and Microsoft Translator. The latter automatically translates web pages in over 50 different languages, according to Redmond.

The downside with these freshly revealed offerings is that they'll have to be side-loaded, so support for extensions is in a pretty basic state right now. Still, Insiders will be able to get their first glimpse of what Edge will be like with these extras.

More polish will be applied soon enough, doubtless, and extensions will become available to install directly via the Windows Store.

More on the way

Microsoft also promised that more extensions are on the way, naturally enough. In a blog post, the company noted: "Later this year customers will find popular extensions from partners like AdBlock, Adblock Plus, Amazon, LastPass, Evernote and more."

We'd also expect to see a Pinterest extension pop up before long, as in a leak last December, a Microsoft web page (that was swiftly pulled) contained spiel for a pair of extensions, namely Pinterest and the Reddit Enhancement Suite which we've seen emerge today.

Support for extensions has been a major missing part of the puzzle for the Edge browser, so it's good to see this feature finally emerge, even if we're still some way off from the final implementation.

Via: Slashgear

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