Dragon Mobile Assistant wants to be Android's Siri

Dragon Mobile Assistant
Could this be Android's Siri?

Ever since Apple launched Siri on the iPhone 4S, voice recognition companies have been trying to replicate the same functionality on other platforms.

Nuance Communications is the latest company to try and turn Android into a proper digital assistant.

Dubbed Dragon Mobile Assistant, the free app is available in beta for US Android users on the Play Store.

It allows Android users with Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean handsets to send texts, make calls, organise appointments and do web based searches like checking the weather.

It also lets you update Facebook and Twitter, use maps and directions and find restaurants and make reservations.

Completely hands free

Nuance has made the app a perfect driving companion with the ability to launch the assistant without touching your handset. When enabled, simply saying the term "Hi Dragon" will activate the app.

Nuance has a history in voice recognition technology, working together with Apple for its voice control functions, as well as releasing the Dragon Go! app for iOS.

It's also big in the desktop voice control space with its Naturally Speaking software.

Unlike Dragon Go, the digital assistant app offers a much more Siri-like experience, although it doesn't appear to have mastered Siri's digital sense of humour.

Nuance has claimed it will be adding even more features to the app in the coming months, although whether that includes a release for international markets is yet to be seen.

Via: Mashable

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