Smartphones could be the surprise key to workplace productivity

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Using a smartphone in the office could actually lead to greater productivity, according to new research.

A new Deloitte report says that having a more mobile-friendly workplaces could help employees be more productive and encourage flexible working.

Deloitte found that over half of UK workers spend time away from a fixed location such as a particular office or desk - but only just over a third (37 per cent) use a work phone or tablet - with the majority instead using a desktop PC or laptop to get their work done.

The firm says that it believes that almost a third of the total UK working population – around 10.4 million people – could instead use a smartphone to be more productive at work.

Smartphone productivity

The study found laptops were the most common device for work purposes, used by 37 per cent of respondents, narrowly followed by desktop computers (36 per cent) smartphones (34 per cent) and tablets (14 per cent).

“For any role that requires movement, mobile technology should be essential," said Dan Adams, head of telecommunications at Deloitte.

“There is a clear opportunity to narrow the productivity gap through improving the technology that is issued to employees. UK workers can unshackle themselves from their desks, and leave their bulky laptops behind."

“It is no wonder that we are seeing smartphones becoming the ideal device to enable employees to access information and respond to it on the go. The smartphone will play a pivotal role in transforming the workplace and significantly improve productivity.”

Mike Moore
Deputy Editor, TechRadar Pro

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