Salesforce retires data recovery service, Odaseva and Sesame Software step in

data recovery
(Image credit: Salesforce)

Salesforce has announced it will discontinue its Data Restoration data recovery service at the end of July 2020.

To fill the gap left by this move, Odaseva, a Salesforce data governance platform, has released a new app.

Sesame Software, also responding to the upcoming discontinuation, has added new features to its Relational Junction Salesforce backup and recovery software.

Self-service data backups

Odaseva’s new app is known as, and it’s available for free on the Salesforce AppExchange. This tool will automatically export Salesforce data, including all standard and custom objects, once every 24 hours. Each backup is retained for 30 days and stored in an encrypted format on Odeseva’s US-based servers. 

Sesame Software has gone in a different direction in order to address the absence of an official Salesforce recovery tool, adding a new self-service page to its Relational Junction platform. This will allow customers to manually restore Salesforce data backups saved by Relational Junction.

Like, Relational Junction creates regular backups of your Salesforce information. Thanks to its relational database system, the newly added features will enable users to easily identify the correct version of their data amongst other records. Even better, point-in-time recoveries and audit trials are made possible thanks to the tracking of intra-day changes.

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