Remote working sees one in five adopt new technology

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Staying connected while working remotely can be difficult, but a new report from the work management platform Asana shows that employees have adopted online collaboration tools as a means to keep in touch with their teams and stay productive during the pandemic.

In its new Antatomy of Work: Remote Teams study, the firm found that nearly two-thirds (62%) of full-time knowledge workers have increased their use of collaboration tools since they started working from home with 19 percent using these tools for the first time.

Asana also found that 55 percent of employees using a work management platform says their productivity has increased and that 30 percent of workers feel more supported by their manager when using one.

Remote working challenges

The rapid transition to working from home has been challenging for many of the employees surveyed as over half (53 percent) reported that they lacked a dedicated desk, computer or reliable internet connection.

According to Asana's study, the top challenges of working remotely around the world are staying motivated, not being stressed about the current economic and health crisis and an inability to switch off and disconnect.

Working from home has led nearly 60 percent of global employees to work at different hours with 53 percent taking more breaks throughout the day, 32 percent starting their work day earlier and 28 percent working later in the evening.

CEO of Asana, Dustin Moskovitz explained how online collaboration tools can help keep remote teams connected during this difficult time in a press release, saying:

“Organizations around the world are adapting to new ways of working together while being physically apart. Many teams are navigating the unique challenges related to the rapid move to remote work protocols, in some cases for the first time. Teams need confidence and clarity in their work, and platforms that foster collaboration are essential ways teams are staying aligned, organized and connected so they can continue working towards their most important goals. It goes without saying that this shared experience will serve as a catalyst to bring teams closer together.”

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