Python set to overtake Java in latest programming language rankings

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Java's days as the world's second most popular programming language could be numbered according to Tiobe's latest programming language rankings which show Python is becoming increasingly popular among developers.

The firm's Index for October 2020 shows that Java has been overtaken by C as the world's most popular programming language when compared to the same period last year. Python remains in third place but it's quickly closing the gap between it and Java.

According to Tiobe CEO Paul Jensen, C and Java have held the top two spots consistently for the past two decades. However, the 25-year-old programming language Java is approaching its “all time low” in popularity as it has fallen by 4.32 percentage points when compared to where it stood in October of last year.

Tiobe ranks programming languages in its popularity index based on the number of hits each language gets across 25 search engines.

Rise of Python

Python was first created in 1991 but the programming language has enjoyed new found popularity due to its use by data scientists and in machine learning.

Tiobe CEO Paul Jensen provided further insight on Python's rising popularity in the company's TIOBE Index for October 2020, saying:

“Python conquered the third position in the TIOBE index last year, but its popularity is still rising. This month it has reached a new all time high at 11.28%. Since Java is approaching its all time low since 2001, Python and Java are getting pretty close. The gap is now less than 1.3%. Since the start of the TIOBE index, C and Java have always held the 2 top positions. So it would be a unique event, if Python would reach position #2. Let's see what will happen the next few months.”

Tiobe's index shares similarities to RedMonk's July 2020 rankings where Java dropped outside of the top two as Python took the second spot.

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