Prezi Video update targets the most common video conferencing complaints

Prezi Video
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Visual communications company Prezi has rolled out a range of new features for its video presentation software in an effort to combat issues encountered by remote employees during the pandemic.

The Prezi Video update builds upon the foundations put in place over the last 18 months with additions designed to create a new “user experience”, the company says.

For example, it’s now easier to toggle between view modes in order to highlight specific information, and Prezi has made it simpler to convert Google Slides and PowerPoint presentations into a video-friendly format.

There’s also an entirely new mode that allows users to preview their slides next to the video conferencing client, which means all necessary information is on-screen at once. And finally, Prezi Video now has both light and dark modes for better readability at different times of the day.

The new Prezi Video features are available via Windows and macOS clients, and on the web.

Prezi Video update

The Prezi Video update was put together off the back of a survey of 1,000 hybrid workers, built to identify the most common video conferencing pain points, in addition to common customer feedback received during the pandemic.

The respondents called most frequently for functionality that makes video meetings more immersive, tools that integrate with existing workflows and on-screen branding. Others cited a need for features that enable audience participation and the ability to make any presentation deck “video ready”.

"The consistent feedback we've heard is that the priority in the hybrid office is making it easier for everyone to contribute in video meetings to increase two-way engagement," explained Jim Szafranski, Prezi CEO. "It's clear that bringing graphics and moving content onto the video screen with you leads to better attention and more continuous audience participation through onscreen responses."

In a recent interview with TechRadar Pro, Szafranski revealed the company is also open to exploring opportunities in areas such as virtual reality, which could offer an alternative way to improve meeting engagement.

“The office was the great productivity hack, because it forced everyone into the same space at the same time. But we’re not going back to that,” he said.

“What has permanently changed is that there will be somebody outside the room at all times, and we’re all going to have to figure out how to hold effective meetings under these conditions.”

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