RIM set to become 'lean, mean, nimble hunting machine'

RIM set to become 'lean, mean, nimble hunting machine
RIM is hitting the gym in an attempt to get back in the game

Thorsten Heins, RIM CEO, has admitted that the company needs to re-focus its efforts and lose the fat which it has gained in recent years.

Speaking at BlackBerry World 2012, Heins revealed that the rapid growth witnessed by RIM from 2007 to 2010 led to the company losing its line of sight and its efficiency, as it attempted to cover every base possible in the mobile market.

Heins said: "As a company we have a little fat on the hips and we just need to move towards becoming a lean, mean, nimble hunting machine."

Focus on what matters to the customer

Since Heins took over as CEO 12 weeks ago, he has re-structured the management layers within the company, shedding unnecessary complexity and creating a leaner, faster and more efficient ecosystem.

Heins admits that RIM spread itself too thinly and attempted projects in which it had no expertise. He is now focussing the firm on its core objectives, ensuring it keeps to what's important and what things matter to its customers.

RIM is looking to develop partnerships with other firms to help deliver key features such as maps and games, areas in which RIM itself is not expert in.

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