EE says family 4G deals will apply to small business

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Wants business as well as families

EE is pitching for the small business market in 4G services with the promise that, although the marketing of its group deals is aimed largely at families, they will stand for any small companies that want to take them up.

An EE representative told TechRadar Pro that the packages will involve a monthly capacity for a set amount of data for the first person on the contract, with further people to be added within the group at discounted rates. It will be possible to bump up data capacities with an extra cost, and voice and text will remain without limits for all involved in the group.

The company isn't releasing full details of capacities and pricing and until later in the summer, but it's emphasising the importance of sharing data within a business.

Single contract

"It's good for a small business to be able to buy one contract for shared data, and everyone under the contract will have unlimited voice," the spokesman said.

EE is taking the lead in the roll out of 4G around the UK. In late May it announced that it had installed its network in 74 towns and would be able to serve 70% of the UK population by the end of 2013.