OPPO Reno is the only smartphone with a real full screen and a shark-fin rising camera

(Image credit: Oppo)

The newly launched OPPO Reno smartphone gives users more than ‘just another smartphone’; OPPO Reno represents OPPO’s mission of daring to break through an endless revolution. 

This is a smartphone that represents creativity, encourages individual expression, and stands out from the crowd with its notch-free real full panoramic screen and a quirky, attention-grabbing shark-fin rising camera.

The only real full screen smartphone in the market

Setting a new standard for the smartphone industry, OPPO Reno is the only smartphone available in the GCC with both a real full screen and self-rising camera. Without the typical hole-punch, waterdrop, or notched screen that other smartphones feature, OPPO Reno offers better visual perception with its panoramic 6.6-inch screen, with a ratio of up to 93.1%. 

OPPO has upgraded the screen on its Reno smartphones, with an OLED light-emitting material and an eye protection mode certified by TÜV Rheinland that filters out more than 80% of blue light. The ultra slim bezel gives OPPO Reno users stunning visuals – and more of them, given the large display size. Corning Gorilla Glass 6 provides greater screen durability, too. 

Interesting shark-fin rising camera

While its panoramic screen is certainly a stand-out feature, the OPPO Reno series goes where no smartphone has gone before with its 16MP shark-fin (Pivot) Rising Selfie Camera, changing the concept of mobile photography. With this unique camera, taking fantastic shots with professional-grade quality is incredibly easy.  

The pivot mechanism means that the front camera – as well as the earpiece, front and rear flash – is hidden, so as not to interrupt the notch-free panoramic screen experience. When capturing a photo with the front camera, the pivot mechanism automatically engages, rising within 0.8 seconds. Once you’ve snapped your selfie, the camera retracts. 

The Shark-fin (Pivot) Rising Structure has also passed strict quality testing standards and can be used for more than 200,000 times without fail. Even if average users use it roughly 100 times per day, it can maintain over 5 years of usage. Furthermore, OPPO designed a drop protection mechanism for it. The phone can sense in real time when the phone is in free-fall, and will automatically retract the camera to prevent damage to it.

Incredible zoom-in technology 

With the OPPO Reno 10x Zoom Edition, users can push their creativity even further. The smartphone features a tri-lens full-focal length capability, combining a 48MP HD primary lens, a 13MP telephoto lens, and an 8MP wide angle lens to create stunning depth in every pristine photo captured.

All three lenses work together to achieve a full-focal-length coverage of 16mm-160mm, thereby offering more than 10x hybrid zoom. Its 120° wide angle camera makes it easier to capture a wider range – so you can fit everyone in comfortably when taking a multi-person portrait!  

From its stunning aesthetics to its unique features, everything about the OPPO Reno smartphone series is designed with creativity in mind. The OPPO Reno is a smartphone that encourages you to pursue your dreams and explore life through self-expression and creation. 

With the OPPO Reno, a world of creativity opens up around you.