Halo TV series producer reveals when season 2 will start filming

Master Chief leads Silver Team on a mission in the Halo TV series
Master Chief and Silver Team should return for season 2 of the Halo TV show. (Image credit: Paramount Plus)

The second season of Paramount's Halo TV show should enter full production "before too long", according to executive producer Kiki Wolfkill.

Speaking exclusively to TechRadar, Wolfkill – who oversees Halo's transmedia productions for 343 Industries – revealed that season 2 of the Paramount Plus sci-fi series was still early in development.

The Halo TV series was renewed for a second season in February, with Fear the Walking Dead executive producer David Wiener replacing Steven Kane as showrunner. However, it could be a while before the next entry in the Halo TV show arrives on Paramount's streaming platform, with season 2 currently rooted in pre-production territory.

Asked if she could provide an update on how season 2's development was going, Wolfkill told us: "We're early-ish [in the development cycle]. I think we kind of ploughed ahead in the hope we would get greenlit for another outing.

"You know, not unlike a game you finish, you immediately have lots of things we want to do. People are exhausted but also excited to take forward what we learned [on season 1] or the ideas we didn't get to implement. So we're aiming towards getting back into production before too long, and we're super thankful for the renewal."

Master Chief fires his weapon during a battle in Paramount Plus' Halo TV series

Paramount's Halo TV show will return for a second outing. (Image credit: Paramount Plus)

Yerin Ha, who portrays new character Kwan Ha in the Halo TV show, added that she and her fellow cast members had no idea about when filming on season 2 would begin.

"I think they're already in pre production," Ha told TechRadar. "But we have no word on when filming will happen. Hopefully, it'll be pretty soon."

The Halo TV series will make landfall on Paramount Plus on Thursday, March 24 in the US. Critical reception to the live-action adaptation of the beloved first-person shooter videogame series has been mixed ahead of launch. Meanwhile, long-time Halo fans have hit out at the show's deviation from the source material, such as the news that Master Chief's face will be revealed and his AI companion Cortana undergoing a significant redesign, following the first trailer's release.

Pablo Schreiber, who plays Master Chief/John-117 in the TV adaptation, exclusively told TechRadar that revealing Chief's face is "the only choice". Fans, though, are yet to be convinced.

We won't know how well Halo's TV adaptation will be received by fans until its release later this week. Regardless of how well (or bad) it does, Halo season 2 is definitely on the way.

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