New PS5 update includes a hidden surprise for trophy fans

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PS5 users can now view all of a game’s hidden trophies with a single button press, as part of the console’s latest firmware update.

Alongside introducing 1440p support and a slate of new social tools, the new PS5 update includes a few hidden quality-of-life features. While Sony's kept pretty quiet about the changes, YouTuber Mystic marked them all up, and spotted a subtle new feature in the console’s trophy list.

A new toggle lets you reveal all the hidden trophies in a game, making it easier than ever for trophy hunters to track down the achievements they’re missing. Before this update, PS5 users had to reveal each hidden trophy individually, which could eat up a lot of time for the most achievement-intensive titles.

How to view hidden trophies on PS5

PlayStation trophies

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To reveal a game’s hidden trophies, head over to the ‘Trophies’ menu and find the game you’re after. Tap the options button on your  DualSense Wireless Controller to open a drop-down menu, and toggle the ‘Reveal All’ option.

Be wary, though. While some hidden trophies pertain to skill challenges or Easter eggs, many are used to conceal major story beats. If you’re playing a plot-heavy game and want to avoid all spoilers, you might be best off keeping its hidden trophies covered up.

Plenty of other, minor updates have also been introduced in the new firmware patch. As Mystic delves into in his video, the console’s screen reader capabilities have been improved, its web browser now supports zoom controls, and it’s easier to view another user’s profile after accepting their friend request or sending them a message.

More tantalizingly, PSVR 2 – Sony’s upcoming next-gen virtual reality headset – is now mentioned by name in the PS5’s Bluetooth settings. It’s only a passing name-check, but suggests the headset is still set to release next year during its official launch window

While all of these changes are minor, let's be thankful Sony isn’t removing any more PS5 features

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