Deddington chosen for BT's fibre vision of the future

Deddington chosen for BT's fibre vision of the future
More fibre in the Oxon diet

A small village in Oxfordshire has been chosen to pilot BT's fibre-only exchange, with Deddington homes and businesses to be given a glimpse of a more connected world.

BT's pilot means that 1,400 homes and businesses will be given the infrastructure for ultra-fast broadband, with download speeds of 40Mbps to 300Mbps.

The work on the project will begin soon and the service should be available from 2013 onwards.


Sean Williams, Group Strategy Director of BT said: "Fresh advances in technology are pushing the boundaries for new services on an almost daily basis.

"This is an important pilot which will help the industry better understand the opportunities arising from a fibre-only world in which traditional copper will be replaced by the super-fast capabilities of fibre-optic cable."

Councillor Jim Flux, Chairman of Deddington Parish Council, added: "We are excited to be the first community in the UK to be piloting this latest innovation in telecommunications.

"Not only will our residents and businesses be able to take advantage of ultra-fast broadband speeds but Deddington is also helping pave the way for the services of the future"

So, if you happen to live in Deddington you should start practising your HD Skyping, 1337 online gaming and, erm, "downloading" skills in readiness for the new era.

Patrick Goss

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