More non-IT workers say they're having to do IT tasks at work now

Die IT – ein oftmals noch immer unterschätzter Innovationstreiber?
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A study from ManageEngine has found more non-IT workers are having to do IT-related tasks in the workplace as companies push for the decentralization of their IT operations.

The research suggests that 74% of the IT decision makers surveyed have already decentralized their IT structures, which is 10% above the global average. As a result, almost all (99%) of the companies have at least one department running their own applications using low or no code platforms, such as help desk software and remote access tools

While some companies believe that maintaining IT security and quality levels will be challenging moving forward, it has already become clear how machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) will play their part in organizations’ IT moving forward.

Using AI and ML for your business

Over half (52%) of the business decision makers involved in the report have already invested in AI to automate some tasks, while a larger percentage (55%) have turned to AI for the prevention of cyberattacks. This compares to just 4% of companies that have not invested in AI or ML at all. 

Developing in-house solutions doesn’t come without its own challenges, though. Lack of training, technical knowledge, and the evolving nature of technology are all cited as main barriers to the better adoption of technology in the workplace. 

The report summarizes: “The proliferation of technology throughout organizations has increased the technical proficiency of non-IT employees - but not to the extent that they can do without the IT department altogether.” Almost half of all companies still rely on their internal IT departments to get things done, while one-third continue to outsource certain work to external agencies. 

Nevertheless, the figures all suggest that the decentralization of IT is having a positive effect on companies, with staff development and business growth at the forefront of this new technological age. 

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