Digital interactions will influence 50% of all brick-and-mortal sales

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Retailers take heed

By the end of 2014, digital interactions between shoppers and retailers will influence $1.5 trillion (about £890m, or AU$1.6bn), or 50%, of all in-store sales, according to a recent study by consultancy Deloitte. Mobile-influenced sales on smartphones at brick-and-mortar locations have reached $593 billion (about £352m, or AU$639m), the study revealed.

Consumers are 40% more likely to use a mobile device on their shopping journey than those who do not use a device, according to the survey's respondents. Additionally, the research determined 84% of store visitors use their devices before or during a shopping trip and 22% of consumers indicate they had spent more money during their shopping experience as a result of using digital.

Fifty-eight percent of US adults own a smartphone, according to Pew Research. In 2013 mobile commerce sales among the 358 US merchants ranked in Internet Retailer's 2014 Mobile 500 was predicted to reach $25.4bn (about £15bn, or AU$27.3bn), a 67% increase compared with 2012.

"No thanks. Just browsing."

Three out of four consumers told Deloitte that product information found on social channels influenced their shopping behavior and enhanced brand and product loyalty. The information found on digital channels like social media is particularly vital for consumers, given that 80% percent of respondents said they prefer to obtain product information on their own device or from an in-store device, rather than ask a sales associate.

This data complements similar responses to a survey conducted by Motorola, which revealed 50% of consumers believe they are more informed than retail associates, and 61% of retail store managers said they believe shoppers are better connected to product information than in-store associates.

The Deloitte survey was conducted online for a week in November of last year. The survey polled a sample of 2,006 US consumers.