Lenovo: 'All-in-one PCs are our fastest growing market'

Lenovo's new B500 all-in-one is a powerful PC aimed at gamers and power-users in the home
Lenovo's new B500 all-in-one is a powerful PC aimed at gamers and power-users in the home

Lenovo launches its first gaming PC in the UK next month, with the Lenovo IdeaCentre B500 sitting right at the top of the company's new all-in-one range of consumer PCs.

The B500 is a 23-inch 1080p gaming rig, with an Intel quad-core processor and featuring the sci-fi style design so beloved of established gaming brands such as (Dell-owned) Alienware.

Fastest-growing PC market

"The all-in-one market is our fastest growing market," Lenovo's Media Relations Manager, Adrian Horne told Techradar at the London launch event this week.

"We have the three products that you have seen today – the Atom-based C-series all-in-one which is to address the entry-level student requirement or maybe a child's first PC that they have in their room at home.

"Then we have the more 'designer' series which is the A300 and A310, which is really designed for the living room or for an open area where it is a product that everyone in the family can use it in the main living area.

"And then we have our power gaming machine, which is the B series, with quad-core processor, high def graphics, high performance screen, LED backlighting and all the kinds of things that you would expect from a games machine."

The well-specced new all-in-one from Lenovo will be priced in the £800 to £1000 range, with up to 4GB DDR3 RAM and a choice of 500GB, 640GB or 1TB hard drives and the option of a Blu-ray drive and in-built TV tuner.

While the all-in-one gaming rig is limited in terms of its upgradability, which might well put off the hardcore PC gamer, it also packs in six USB connections, a card reader and a 4-in-1 remote control with gaming, VoIP and multimedia functions.

The Lenovo rep also hopes that the gaming-focused B-series machines will "appeal visually to people, as well as from a technological perspective," hence, we imagine, the sci-fi styling of the B500.

Adam Hartley