Fujitsu's first palm-reading mobile workstation is a work of artery

Biometric security technology was something reserved for James Bond movies until Apple's iPhone 5S introduced its Touch ID fingerprint reader, and European banks have have been building vein-reading sensors into ATMs for some time.

Now, Fujitsu has embedded its proprietary PalmSecure palm-reading technology into a mobile workstation for the first time. The Celcius H730 lets its owner unlock the device by hovering their palm over an inbuilt sensor that beams 'near-infrared rays' to detect unique vein patterns under the skin.

Once the sensor detects a pre-registered pattern, the device is unlocked, and like other vein-reading sensors you won't have to worry if somebody chops off your hand to gain access as the veins collapse once blood flow is restricted.

Hot insides

Fujitsu is aiming the Celcius H730 at engineering, science and digital CAD/CAM users, so it's fitted the machine with some hefty internal grunt. That includes Intel's fourth generation Haswell processor (Core i7 vPro), up to 32GB of RAM (four 8GB modules) and a second-generation Nvidia Kepler GPU (Quadro 510M, K2100M or K1100M).

The K2100M is currently Nvidia's top chip for a 15.6-inch laptop with 576 CUDA cores, 2GB DDR5 memory and a TDP of 55W. The workstation also offers Advanced Theft Protection (ATP) for added security and a hybrid disk drive.

The company points out that it has aimed to make the workstation slim and attractive. The H730 measures around 24.8mm at its thickest point and is made from a 'high-class design made from metallic elements on its shell and palm rest', according to Fujitsu.

The H730 is available for order now to be shipped in December and will be sold via Fujitsu's channel partners starting at €1,599 (around £1,332, or AU$1,993).

Kane Fulton
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