BT standardises on Windows Phone 8.1

BT and Microsoft
BT to standardise on Windows 8.1

BT is looking to equip its employees with mobile phones running Windows Phone 8.1.

Revealed by Microsoft in a company blog post, the company said that BT's decision to standardise on the Windows platform came after Microsoft converged its Windows OS and Windows Phone operating systems.

"BT realises its vision to build and run apps that cross device form factors to increase employee productivity and improve IT efficiency in the development and management of corporate applications and devices," Microsoft writes.

So far, BT has not made any announcement on this at all which is surprising because it also uses and sells Android on its phone range.

Windows 8.1 for business

Microsoft implies that Windows Phone 8.1 would appeal to BT's business and enterprise customers because it has the tools to install the phone safely into the network.

The updates allow an even wider variety of hardware options, letting the user choose the devices that make the most sense for their organisation, Microsoft said.

"With the convergence of our app platform, a users app experience is just as seamless, whether you are running a 4-inch phone or an 82-inch PPI display. The feedback you provided allowed us to make these key refinements to make the Windows platform better, thank you," Microsoft enthused.