Millions more dating site members have details leaked online

Data Breach
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The notorious ShinyHunters cybercrime group has claimed another high-profile hack, leaking the details of more than 2.28 million users of the online dating platform, MeetMindful. The ill-gotten information was shared on a well-known hacking forum as a free download.

Among the information stolen by the hacking group was a number of sensitive data points, including real names, email addresses, Facebook user IDs, and birth dates. Other dating-specific information, including marital status, dating preferences, and body details, were also leaked.

The information could be used in follow-up cyberattacks, including blackmail and phishing attempts. In particular, the information may be used to make subsequent social engineering scams look more convincing, meaning any affected MeetMindful users should be extra vigilant regarding the communications they receive.

Dating data breach

While it is not possible to say who has accessed the leaked data shared by ShinyHunters, the forum post containing the breached information has now been viewed more than 1,500 times. It is safe to assume that a sizeable number of these visitors will have downloaded the information and many will already have started planning follow-up attacks.

ShinyHunters has caused quite the stir over the last year, having been involved in several high-profile hacks. Back in May, the group was responsible for the disclosure of sensitive information relating to 73 million users of several different websites, before putting them up for sale. More recently, ShinyHunters made more than 77 million records connected to the Nitro PDF software accessible for just $3.

Online dating sites have increasingly become a target for hackers, given the potential distress they can cause individuals. In 2015, cyberattackers deliberately targeted the Ashley Madison platform in the hope of extorting money from individuals engaged in extramarital affairs.

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