Microsoft's new Office apps are going to make your life easier

There’s a fresh batch of business apps on the way from the Office team aiming to boost the productivity chops of users.

Apart from Bookings, which allows customers to schedule appointments with businesses, and we heard about back in July (it was first launched on the web, with an iOS app recently released in the US), Microsoft also has a Mile IQ app which automatically tracks your mileage for expenses purposes.

That comes alongside a new Invoice app which generates invoices, unsurprisingly, and Spend, which aims to track all your expenses.

Taking Point 

Those are all finance-centric offerings, but there are two more apps called Point (pictured above) and Presence. The former is designed to allow businesses to leverage satisfied customers in terms of generating word-of-mouth referrals – and those customers will get rewards for referring friends. As for the latter, that enables users to track their web presence.

It would seem that both Spend and Presence are further out from launch, as they’re labelled ‘coming soon’ on Microsoft’s business apps web page, whereas with the others, Office 365 Business Premium users can now sign up for a trial and check out preview versions.

Microsoft also has a ‘personal business assistant’ in the pipeline, which gets a brief mention on the site, with the company stating that said assistant will help you run your business smoothly and “see all the angles in one place and get insights to help you succeed”. Again, that feature is labelled as ‘coming soon’.

Maybe we’ll hear more about this assistant at the big Office event Microsoft has planned for the start of November.

Via: MS Poweruser

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