Microsoft Teams apps may be getting a lot more vocal at last

Microsoft Teams
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Microsoft Teams has announced that it will be bringing a bunch of Teams Meetings features to its VoIP calls in an effort that sees the company expand its services to more business users.

An entry on the official Microsoft 365 roadmap notes that, “All the familiar functionalities of meeting apps - tabs, bots, in-meeting dialogue, and meeting stage - will be supported in Teams VoIP Calls." 

"Users of your apps will enjoy the same familiar app experience as seen in Teams Meetings, in the Teams VoIP Calls.”

Teams apps on calls

Microsoft Teams apps can be built using JavaScript and a handful of other programming languages to improve connectivity and workflow, with the likes of bots being able to autonomously converse with users and pull in external content using extensions.

Microsoft’s plan to expand its apps to one-on-one VoIP calls is set for general availability in September 2022, with a global rollout to desktop clients.

Prior to its announcement to bring Teams apps to one-on-one VoIP calls, the company had also announced plans to bring apps to group calls in August 2022, and according to Microsoft, updates are already beginning to roll out, including to Government Community Cloud (GCC) instances.

Microsoft has remained committed to updating its VoIP calling platform, rolling out periodical updates to keep it competitive, including end-to-end encryption for Teams 1:1 VoIP calls. The company is also rolling out PSTN call recording and transcription to its VoIP video conferencing platform.

Regular updates, improvements, and new features are all important processes for Teams as it faces increasing pressure from the likes of Google Meet and Zoom in an era of hybrid working and WFH, so much so that the battle has broadened as even more companies bring more technology to the fight, like RingCentral which has recently announced a handful of AI tools to improve productivity.

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