Microsoft, Sony to partner on intelligent surveillance kit for businesses

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Sony and Microsoft have announced a new partnership to create AI-powered smart camera solutions aimed at making it easier for enterprise customers to perform video analytics.

The partnership will see the two companies embed Microsoft Azure AI capabilities onto Sony's recently announced IMX500 intelligent vision sensor. The IMX500 is the first image sensor with built in AI and it contains both a pixel chip and logic chip, which is dedicated to AI signal processing.

In a press release, corporate vice president and commercial chief marketing officer at Microsoft, Takeshi Numoto  explained how the partnership will benefit both companies' customers and partners, saying: 

“Video analytics and smart cameras can drive better business insights and outcomes across a wide range of scenarios for businesses. Through this partnership, we’re combining Microsoft’s expertise in providing trusted, enterprise-grade AI and analytics solutions with Sony’s established leadership in the imaging sensors market to help uncover new opportunities for our mutual customers and partners.” 

Smart camera managed app 

Sony and Microsoft also announced that they will create a smart camera managed app that will be powered by Azure IoT and cognitive services. 

The app will allow independent software vendors (ISVs) and smart camera OEMs to develop new camera models that can utilize AI. This will allow them to create industry-specific video analytics and computer vision solutions that use Sony's new IMX500 image sensor.

Additionally, the app will simplify key workflows and offer increased security measures to protect user's data privacy and security. Enterprise customers will be able to use the app to more easily find, train and deploy AI models for video analytics scenarios.

Sony and Microsoft will also work together with partners and enterprise customers on computer vision and video analytics as part of Microsoft's AI & IoT Insider labs program. The program offers businesses access and facilities to build, develop, prototype and test customer solutions while working in partnership with Microsoft experts and solution providers like Sony.

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