Microsoft quickly fixes a nasty bug which killed Outlook app

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Microsoft has fixed a nasty issue with the Outlook client for Microsoft 365 (the new name for Office 365), which was causing the app to crash upon launching.

This was a serious and widespread problem for many users, going by online reports, and indeed there were complaints on Twitter of entire organizations being affected and hamstrung by the bug in Outlook.

As you might expect, Microsoft was quickly on the case, and according to Twitter updates, the software giant completed the rollout of the fix within six hours of first investigating the issue.

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Swift fix

So you should have received the relevant update by now, and Outlook should be fixed, although as noted, you may need to restart the client (or indeed try to run it again, if it’s completely failing to launch).

At any rate, all should be well now, and at least Microsoft concocted the fixed swiftly (though the company certainly needed to, given the apparent gravity of the problem).

Naturally, as well as having to fix it from time to time, Microsoft is constantly trying to improve Microsoft 365 apps, with one of the latest innovations being a new feature that attempts to kill off frustrating ‘reply-all’ email chains.

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