Microsoft Outlook update will save you from your own tired brain

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Microsoft is working on an update for email service Outlook that will help users eliminate mistakes from their messages.

As per a new entry in the company’s product roadmap, Outlook will soon benefit from Microsoft Editor functionality on mobile platforms.

“This feature brings the goodness of Microsoft Editor to Outlook mobile,” Microsoft explained. “We’ll offer users spelling, grammar and refinement suggestions as they type.”

The new integration is currently still under development, but is scheduled to roll out to users of the mobile email clients by the end of next month.

Microsoft Outlook on mobile

With many workers still preferring to work from home than return to the office, the number of emails flying back and forth is still at an all-time high. The latest data from Statista suggests 319.6 billion emails are currently delivered each day, up from 306.4 billion in 2020.

Inevitably, with many of us composing a larger number of emails (and working a greater number of hours), mistakes are more likely to creep in - sometimes with embarrassing or even disastrous consequences.

Although Outlook on desktop (along with the rest of the Microsoft 365 suite) has benefited from Microsoft Editor functionality for a while now, the move to bring spelling and grammar checks to the mobile client will hopefully minimize the opportunity for typos and other mistakes.

In a similar vein, Microsoft also recently announced it is bringing text predictions to Outlook for Android and iOS. In addition to providing an efficiency boost for users in a hurry, the text predictions feature also acts as another route to eliminating language errors from emails.

This pair of updates also caters to the large section of employees that have transitioned to a hybrid working model, whereby their time is split between the home, office and any other location. With the partial return of the commute, a larger number of people are likely to be using the Outlook mobile clients, and will therefore benefit from the new facilities Microsoft is rolling out.

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