Microsoft Edge will soon let you search your browsing history at lightning speed

Microsoft Edge
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Microsoft is trialling a new feature that will allow users of its flagship web browser (opens in new tab) Edge to search through their browsing history more efficiently.

Already available via the Edge Canary early access channel, which is updated daily with the most experimental features, the upgrade allows users to search an open history tab by simply typing the name of a website or URL.

Users of the latest public build are currently required to navigate through to another search menu within the history tab, so the upgrade will serve to eliminate this unnecessary additional step.

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Whether the new feature finds its way into a full Microsoft Edge release will depend on its reception among members of the early access program, but there is no reason to think it won’t prove popular.

Microsoft Edge updates

This tiny but useful upgrade is the latest in a series of Microsoft Edge updates designed to deliver small optimizations to the user experience.

Recent additions include a secure password generator (opens in new tab), in-built price comparison tool (opens in new tab), screenshot capture facility (opens in new tab), scrolling tab bar (opens in new tab) and more.

With Microsoft Edge 88 (opens in new tab), the first iteration of which arrived late last month, users also gain access to a range of quality of life upgrades, such as vertically-oriented tabs, launch process optimization and sleeping tabs.

Although Edge is still a minor player in comparison to market leader Google Chrome, which holds a 63.5% share, Microsoft will be buoyed by its recent performance and confident of further gains in 2021.

On its current trajectory, according to Statcounter data (opens in new tab), the Edge user base will grow larger than that of established rival Firefox within the next few months.

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