Manage all of your cloud storage accounts in one place with Disk-O

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Businesses and consumers alike are using multiple cloud storage services but this adds unnecessary complexity which is why the Group has announced the global availability of its cloud storage manager Disk-O.

With Disk-O, users can safely and easily manage data from an unlimited number of personal cloud storage solutions on either their Mac or PC.

The software provides access to files from providers such as Box, Dropbox and Google Drive right from a user's desktop. Files stored in the cloud appear as if they were connected by a virtual hard drive and this allows users to browse, transfer, edit, search and delete files from their cloud storage accounts without the need to download them.

Active cloud users leverage at least two to three cloud storage services on average and over time they collect an enormous amount of data across various services. However, accessing files stored in different services can be time consuming as users either have to visit each site individually or use their desktop applications which take up local storage space.


The Group built Disk-O from the ground up to provide a smooth and intuitive user experience. The software allows users to access data stored in the cloud directly from a default file management system such as File Explorer on PC or Finder on Mac.

Disk-O has already been installed on one million devices and the software is fully secured using SSL encryption and OAuth authentication. Users can also create a custom PIN to manage and access all of their connected cloud storage accounts for additional security.

Deputy vice president and head of cloud and business services at Mail.Ru Group, Egor Ganin explained how Disk-O can help users save time when working on documents in the cloud, saying:

“The beauty of Disk-O is that it empowers users to gain greater flexibility and control over their cloud storage services. Users can perform resource-intensive tasks like watching video files or working with large Photoshop documents with no latency as Disk-O ‘remembers’ recently opened files, accelerating their processing time.” 

Interested users can try out Disk-O themselves as Mail.Ru Group offers a free trial for seven days and the application can be connected to an unlimited number of accounts from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and WebDAV with support for Amazon S3 and FTP coming soon.

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