Make the outdoors even greater and banish blackouts at home

Ecoflow power bank on a table outside
(Image credit: Ecoflow)

Whether you’re going off-grid or worried about winter blackouts, Ecoflow has got you covered. The new generation of its incredible River portable power stations are ideal for remote working, for travelling far from creature comforts and for reliable backup power at home too. And the second generation River 2 series is cheaper than ever before, with prices starting at just £269.

The Ecoflow River 2 Series is designed to bring sustainable and renewable energy to everyone, everywhere. And that’s something EcoFlow knows a thing or two about - its portable power stations for outdoor and emergency use were a revelation when they launched in 2017, and EcoFlow’s Smart Home ecosystem has revolutionised home energy backup and management. With the River 2 series, it’s easier than ever to get the energy you need wherever and whenever you need it.

Ecoflow power bank on a table outside next to a family

(Image credit: Ecoflow)

Simple, smart and super-powered

With advanced battery technology and innovative design, the River 2 Series weighs as little as 3.5kg but can deliver as much as 800Wh of clean portable energy whenever and wherever you need it. The River 2 series charges five times faster than rival products, is over 1/3 cheaper, and can be a greener choice too: in the warmer months you can use solar panels charging with an input of up to 220W of completely free energy, charging to full in just three hours. With energy bills soaring ever higher, going solar could save you a lot of cash.

Don’t worry if like us you’re looking out the window at a gloomy and distinctly un-sunny winter, though. You can charge your River 2 Series anywhere via its integrated AC, DC and USB-C ports for maximum flexibility.

The ultimate in energy independence

The River 2 Series is very sociable, with outputs not just for AC and DC power but for USB-A and USB-C too, making it easy to connect and charge all your digital devices. It’s compatible with over 80% of all appliances too, enabling you to charge your laptop, power your fridge and ensure your coffee maker is always ready when you need a boost. Depending on the model there are five to ten dedicated outputs including USB and car outlets for even greater energy freedom.

That energy is incredibly long-lasting thanks to its LiFePO4 LFP batteries, which are safer, more reliable and charge more quickly than other battery technologies. They’re also rated for almost 10 years of regular use – over six times longer than the average lifetime of rival portable power stations. That makes the River 2 Series one of the most useful and cost-effective portable power stations you can buy.

Ecoflow power bank on a table outside with a family in the background

(Image credit: Ecoflow)

Easy to use and completely controllable

The River 2 Series couldn’t be easier to use. In addition to its clear and straightforward onboard controls you can also use the intuitive EcoFlow app, which works over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections so you can check charging data, customise the settings and adjust all kinds of parameters from your phone or tablet. 

Instant power absolutely everywhere 

Thanks to its small size, light weight and long lasting batteries, the River 2 Series is the ideal power source for everything: backyard parties and movie nights; day trips to beaches, national parks and mountains; epic adventures, working holidays and RV-based roaming. And with the spectre of energy rationing and even power blackouts on the horizon this winter, it’s also an excellent way to ensure you’ve always got power at home in the colder months.

Lighter, more affordable and smarter than ever before, the EcoFlow River 2 Series is your perfect power partner at home, on the road and in the great outdoors. The EcoFlow River 2River 2 Max and River 2 Pro are available for purchase from the EcoFlow Store and Amazon now.