Mailchimp expands email offering to full marketing service

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The email marketing company Mailchimp has announced that it will soon expand beyond email to offer a full marketing platform aimed at SMBs.

The new platform will feature a number of new products including technology to record and track customer leads, ad retargeting on Facebook and Instagram, social media management and the ability to purchase domains and build websites.

Mailchimp will even provide its users with businesses intelligence that leverages AI to provide recommendations on how and when to market to potential customers.

The company is also changing its pricing by moving from three tiers to four and new customers can sign up for its free plan or pay either $9.99, $14.99 or up to $299 per month with its plans scaling depending on usage and features. If you're already a Mailchimp customer, don't worry as existing paid users will be able to continue using their plans with the option to move to the new packages at any time.

From email to marketing

Mailchimp's expansion is part of a larger effort to widen its scope by building more serviettes for the small-business segment which is typically overlooked by larger firms.

The company's co-founder and CEO, Ben Chestnut explained how the rise of the internet has empowered small businesses, saying:

“What’s really key is the role digital apps, digital publishing and social media have played. We can have a 10-employee company with a customer base bigger than 1 million. That’s a combination you couldn’t achieve before the growth of online.” 

The move from email marketing to offering a full marketing service makes a great deal of sense for Mailchimp as the company already has a big marketing presence. According to Mailchimp, more than 1.25m ecommerce orders are generated through its campaigns daily and last year alone, 450m ecommerce orders were made as a result of its campaigns.

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