Madden NFL 24 is making characters more 'anatomically correct'

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Electronic Arts dropped a reveal trailer for the next title in the NFL sports series Madden NFL 24 and it looks to be making some considerable changes. 

One of the biggest changes for Madden NFL 24 is that for the first time it will offer crossplay and feature parity on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. This means you’ll be able to go up against friends and strangers in online multiplayer modes no matter the platform. 

A pre-order for Madden is also available before its August 18, 2023 release date for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. The Standard Edition is $70/ £64 / AU$109.95 , and comes with the cover athlete, Josh Allen, Elite Player Item for Ultimate Team, as well as NFL Marble Bills Gear and a choice of two “strategy items” one for offense and defense in Ultimate Team. 

The slightly more expensive Deluxe Edition comes in at $100/ £99/ AU$149.95 , and if you preorder this before June 22, you’ll get all the standard goodies as well as a player item from the AKA Ultimate Team Program, three days early access, and 4600 Madden points. As you get closer to the release date make sure to keep an eye out for retailer exclusive bonuses as well. 

While these perks are great for the few who are willing to pay a little extra cash it seems as if EA are making sure that everyone who purchases the next Madden title will have a better time than ever before. 

“We set a new foundation for football gameplay with the introduction of FieldSENSE last year, which was one of the best-selling years in Madden NFL franchise history, and we’re going even deeper in the areas our fans want most in Madden NFL 24,” said Madden NFL senior producer Mike Mahar. “SAPIEN makes characters more human and anatomically correct, improving authentic athletic motion and with FieldSENSE, creates true-to-life movement patterns on the gridiron.”

Madden NFL 24, will look better, play better, and have deeper immersion all thanks to FieldSENSE and the introduction of SAPIEN Technology. It all seems as if this long-standing series is heading straight for our best crossplay games list. 

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