Linux squeezes better performance out of Intel Alder Lake CPUs than Windows 11

Intel Core i9 Alder Lake CPU in Box
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Linux users running one of Intel's Alder Lake CPUs will likely see a big performance boost following the release of Linux 5.16.

When Intel's 12th-Gen Core processors launched during the third quarter of last year, their performance was much better when running Windows 11 as opposed to Linux likely due to the new scheduler in the latest version of Microsoft's operating system.

Now though as a result of Linux kernel improvements since the release of Linux 5.16, the open source operating system is now capable of squeezing out better performance than Windows 11 on Alder Lake processors.

Linux performance on Alder Lake

To find out just how much Linux performance has improved on Alder Lake CPUs, the news outlet Phoronix ran a series of benchmarks to take a closer look at how the two operating systems fared when browsing, coding, rendering, encoding and with de/compression.

During its tests, Phoronix used a Core i9 12900K system that featured an Asus Z960 motherboard and 64GB of DDR5-4400 RAM. In addition to Windows 11, the news outlet tested three Linux distros based on Linux kernel 5.16+ as well as one distro still using kernel 5.15.

When it came to web browsing, Clear Linux 35810, Ubuntu 22.04 + Linux 5.16 and Ubuntu + Linux 5.17 -rc3 all outperformed Windows 11 in the Selenium benchmark with just Ubuntu 22.04 Daily falling behind Microsoft's operating system. In total though, Windows 11 took first place in 14 out of the 104 tests while Linux took the top spot in 39 of the tests conducted by Phoronix.

While performance with new hardware may be lacking following its initial release, Linux kernel updates and a few tweaks under the hood can work wonders as was the case here with Linux performance on Intel's Alder Lake CPUs.

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