LinkedIn is down - here's everything we know

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Update: 11:30 ET / 15:30 GMT

The number of outage reports submitted to DownDetector appears to be dropping off, suggesting the issue was only minor and LinkedIn has taken steps to address the problem. The company is still to make a public announcement.

Original story:
Professional networking platform LinkedIn appears to be suffering an outage affecting both the website and mobile apps.

According to data from real-time outage monitoring service DownDetector, the incident began at roughly 10:30 ET/14:30 GMT. At the time of writing, the number of issue reports continues to rise.

Currently, the official LinkedIn status page lists all systems as operational, and the company has made no announcements via its social channels.

LinkedIn outage

Little is currently know about the cause or extent of the LinkedIn outage, but anecdotal evidence from social media suggests some users are struggling to access the website and mobile app.

The issue also appears to affect LinkedIn users in a number of different countries, including the US, UK, Canada and Spain. Outage reports are concentrated in major cities such as London and New York, although that isn't entirely unusual given the higher concentration of users.

Some users have taken to Twitter to complain that business profile pages seem to have disappeared, while others say they can't access LinkedIn services at all. That said, the site appears to be fully operational for this London-based writer, if a little less responsive than usual.

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